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If you enjoy ghost hunting shows, tales of terror and paranormal activity, this may be your weekend to get some action close to home. Haunted Rooms America is hosting full and exclusive access to one of the “most haunted buildings in East Texas,” the Museum for East Texas Culture.

The event begins at 7 p.m. and goes until midnight Friday, April 9 at 400 S. Micheaux Ave, Palestine. Reservations are required and available online for $59.

It has garnered a lot of attention in the paranormal community, with many groups drawn to the many paranormal reports experienced by both workers, visitors and paranormal groups,” Haunted Rooms America stated.

Tickets are on sale in advance and include a psychic, history and ghost hunting tours, and an opportunity to explore on your own. Refreshments will also be available. Participants will also have access to HRA equipment including trigger objects, EMF meters, dowsing rods and more.

Join us as we set off on a full night’s investigation at this truly historic and imposing building,” HRA stated. “You’ll learn the history, the techniques we use and get detailed information on the ghosts that haunt here.”

The site has hosted previous ghost hunting expeditions where the recordings picked up on voices and a light orb was caught on video according to a 2012 story by the Palestine Herald-Press.

Built in the early 1900s, voters elected a bond to build a new high school which opened in 1916. The building is constructed in a Tudor-gothic style by Fort Worth Architects at the time, Sanguines and Staats.

It became a museum in 1982. Palestine has several other locations that draw ghost hunters including the Old Palestine Memorial Hospital, the historic jail house and other key places. In the past, ghost walks have sometimes been available in October.

“We’ve been coming to the museum for the last three years, and it’s always given us good evidence! Such an incredible building with so much history of the area on display. We’re honored to be able to investigate and we can’t wait to show our guests around this weekend,” stated HRA.

Tickets can be purchased for $59 at the HRA website, www.hauntedrooms.com, click events by date.

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