A toddler was transported to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas Thursday with serious injuries after he was backed over by a pickup in the parking lot of a Caney City gas station. The name of the 18-month-old boy was not released.

Caney City Chief of Police Kenneth Holder said the accident occurred at the Sunshine Fina station on State Highway 198.

The child’s mother is an employee there, and often brought him there while she worked, Holder said. Somehow, the child got out of the view of his mother, and into the parking lot.

The pickup that backed over the boy was a Toyota Tundra, driven by the boy’s uncle. Holder said the cab of the Tundra sets up high, and the driver apparently was not able to see the child.

The driver heard a sound and stopped the truck, but not before it had rolled over the lower torso of the child.

The child was transported to Malakoff, and loaded onto a Care Flight helicopter for the trip to Dallas. He was breathing well, and his vital signs were stable, Holder said, but he appeared to have crushed vertebrae in his lower body and crushed legs.

Responders were able to get the child to Malakoff and into the air within about 20 minutes, Holder said.

Holder thanked Caney City Police department officers Brian Hutchinson, Jonathan Huckabee and Chief Wayne Nutt for assisting with crowd control,  and interviewing witnesses at the scene of the accident.


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