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Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse has asked the Texas Rangers to investigate the death of a 47 year old Henderson County man.

According to Hillhouse “sheriff deputies responded to a domestic violence call on South 315 in the Chandler area on Tuesday morning. The man became unresponsive after he fought with HCSO deputies who responded to the call Tuesday afternoon. When the deputies arrived at the location a man there started acting combative and erratic as if he was on some kind of drug.”

Hillhouse said the HCSO deputy called for EMS personnel and another deputy to assist at the scene.

The sheriff said the man continued being verbally aggressive. Eventually becoming violent and combative with the deputies.

After struggling with the man the deputies were able to place the man in handcuffs and leg restraints.

He became unresponsive when he was loaded onto the ambulance. The man who has not been identified was transported to UT Health in Tyler where he died around 4:20 pm on Wednesday.

The deputies at the scene were checked out and released from the Tyler hospital.

Hillhouse said an autopsy will be performed on the man.