In March of 2018, Sidney Erickson started the ketogenic diet, a high fat, moderate protein low-carb program. She said she suffered from migraine headaches and had a lot of co-workers benefitting from the keto life. She focused on the numerous health benefits and went all in.

“I had energy and felt amazing,” she said.

Erickson called her sister and tried to pull her on the bandwagon. At first Dawn Leath resisted.

“I can't give up chocolate and bread,” Leath said.

So these were the problems they had to solve in order for them to share this lifestyle.

During this time Erickson began making her own granola and taking it to work for a snack. Everyone loved it and started asking her to make it for them to purchase. Erickson was living in Austin and had always wanted a business of her own. As her own success grew she started talking to her sister about a business proposition.

What if there was a way to solve the bread and chocolate dilemma while helping a mutual dream come true? Erickson always wanted a business and Leath always wanted a bakery. So they came up with a plan to meet both goals.  

“There just were no options out there, and it will be something fun we can do part time. Over the summer it took off and each month business doubled,” Erickson said.

Texas Keto Baking Co. was born.

At first, both sisters were operating from their homes, Leath in Brownsboro and Erickson in Austin. With their houses filling up with extra freezers and coolers, something had to change.

Leath found a building.

“I thought There is no way we can afford this, we’re not there yet,” Leath said. “Three weeks later we decided we have to do this.”

Erickson moved to Brownsboro.

“I said I would ever live in a small town, yet here I am,” Erickson said.

“We never thought we would live in the same town,” Leath added.

Now the sisters not only live in the same town, but on the same street.

They gutted and completely remodeled the building, getting it up to health code and making the kitchen more usable.

“We cook with whole ingredients, we do not use any preservatives,” Erickson said. “Because of the high fat content the items freeze really well. We are pretty picky, if it passes by dawn and her kid, then the item goes on the menu.”

The duo uses alternative flours and sweeteners, a special blend that people find mild with no bitter aftertaste.

“We come from a family of good cooks, and have a high bar for taste and texture,” Leath said.

The business has grown organically, people just stopping in to check it out. They also offer pick up locations to expand their service region and have just started shipping.

They love the relationships they form with the customers, the success stories and helping people.

One lady from Athens has been with them since they were working from their homes.

“We can do it as a family. My kids are able to come with me,” Leath said. “We never thought we would live in the same town and we live across the street from each other now.”

“It has brought us closer,” Erickson added.

The food is very good and they will expand items as they feel they are truly worthy to be there.  The store also takes holiday orders. One of the unique offerings are a cheddar jalapeno biscuit, low-carb dressing, pumpkin pies, blondies, brownies and a new pecan pie.

Eventually the dynamic duo would love to see a full-time retail bakery in the future, including a restaurant and gift shop.

Support the dream by stopping in and trying them, their hours of operation are 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday to Saturday, and and 4 to 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The bakery is located at 14331 State Hwy 31 E. Brownsboro. Pick-up locations for scheduled dates include: Tyler, Longview, Waco, McKinney, Rockwall, Terrell, Corsicana, Round Rock, Austin, Alliance and Princeton. More may be added.

Please visit its website, or call at 903-308-6008

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