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The parking lot was full and cars lined Enterprise Street Friday, as people gathered to discuss their statements with the Henderson County Appraisal District.

New properties in Henderson County and increased appraised values have raised the taxable amount by 36.6% this year, Henderson County Appraisal District Chief Appraiser Bill Jackson said.

"The market is really strong," Jackson said. "We went from $6.9 million to $9.5 million in taxable value."

The three major lakes in Henderson County, Lake Athens, Cedar Creek Lake and Lake Palestine are seeing most of the growth according to the new figures.

"Cedar Creek Lake is booming. It's got that influence from Dallas," Jackson said. "I can't catch up with the values. The state also uses late sales that I don't have access to."

The city of Brownsboro is up about 23% as is Chandler.

"I don't see anyone on here that's single digit. They're all up double digits," Jackson said.

The increases have driven the Mabank, Eustace and Malakoff Independent School Districts out of compliance with the Texas Comptoller's property value study for the past three years. When the schools are out of compliance they lose a corresponding amount of state funding.

"Eustace, Mabank and Malakoff ISDs are all up 45% to 47%," Jackson said.

Other values show the City of Athens up 18.7% and Athens Independent School District up 17.04%. LaPoynor ISD increased 37%, while Brownsboro ISD increased 29%, For Cross Roads, the increase was 15%.

The State Comptroller's Office keeps a watch on how much the local appraisal districts are setting as the value of properties.

"The state tests our compliance every other year. It's every year for schools out of compliance," Jackson said.

He said the CAD sent out 65,000 appraisal notices and the appraisers were seeing about 300 people per day who questioned the total on their letter.

The deadline to file to protest was Friday. The Appraisal Review Board will start hearing appeals Monday.

"The ARB will break into three panels. Hopefully the appeal process will go smoothly," Jackson said. "People are still going to have to have a lot of patience."

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