The Henderson County Tax Assessor and Collector Peggy Goodall reminds motorists that new rules regarding state inspection stickers are soon to go into effect.

You’ve probably heard of the “Two Steps, One Sticker” program that will eliminate the inspection sticker from the windshields of motor vehicles in the state. Goodall is trying to alert drivers by getting the word out.

“Starting in March, the state will no longer put an inspection sticker in your windshield,” Goodall said. “We’re prepared to make this transition as simple as possible for our residents.”

Inspections will still be required, but they’ll be used much like proof of insurance, as a requirement to renew your vehicle registration. When you renew your registration, you’ll be given a blue-bordered sticker to serve as proof of both inspection and registration.

Drivers now have to pass an annual inspection sometime in the 90 days before their registration expires.

“That should make it easier to remember it’s time for an inspection,” Goodall said.

The fees will remain the same overall, but it will cost $7 less during inspection and $7 more at registration.

When your car passes inspection, it will be electronically entered into the state database and then an inspection certificate will be printed.

Since inspection and registration cycles do not necessarily match up for every vehicle, Texas officials have said they’ll focus on the registration sticker for compliance.

That means things will be a little different, especially during the first year or so.

For example, Goodall said, a driver whose registration expires this April, but whose inspection expires in September, will renew his registration in April, as he normally would, and won’t have to get a new inspection until April 2016.

If your inspection expires earlier than your registration, the process is a little different. For example, a driver whose inspection expires in April, but whose registration runs out in September will get an inspection in April, but will not receive an inspection sticker. When the driver renews her registration in September, she won’t need a new inspection sticker until Sept. 2016.

“Once the kinks get worked out, it’s going to work a lot better.” Goodall said, “If you have any questions, please contact our office.”

The Tax Assessor/Collector’s Office can be reached at 903-675-6134.

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