“We need your help,” Nathan Herrington, Lead Pastor of Thrive Community Church said in a recent YouTube video. “United (Airlines) brought us here on a round ticket trip and are nowhere to be found.”

The group journeyed to Honduras on a mission trip and the next day the borders were locked down by the Honduran president because of global outbreak of COVID-19.

All of the flights were canceled and there are no commercial airplanes leaving. To make matters worse, the group can't go outside, to buy groceries, or anywhere. There is also a curfew in place and supplies are dwindling.

After meeting with the embassy, little progress was made. The group then turned to Congressman Lance Gooden who is trying to help but has thus far been unsuccessful.

Vice President Mike Pence mentioned Americans stranded in Honduras and said President Donald Trump was seeking means to get them out.

“We have been made aware there are some Americans stuck overseas and can’t come home,” Pence said March 20 in a speech.

A charter/military plane was sent returning 89 Americans home on March 20, but the embassy did not notify anyone in the group allowing for them to leave.

“Nobody gave us a call letting us know we could be on that plane,” Herrington said. “We just need your help to get us back home.”

The group is trying to keep positive, but being away from family and home makes it difficult.

The Athens Review will publish updates on the missionaries situation as details emerge.

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