The golden years for some is a time to slow down and enjoy the fruits of many years of hard work. A time to get with your families and have some adventures, maybe cross things off of your bucket list.

Retirement age is the prize we use to talk coach ourselves through the hard days at work.

There are many elderly in our community and across the world who have nobody to come see them or enjoy this time with. The holidays and seeing others with their families make them feel even more alone. They have the most basic of needs and the simple things of life make them very happy.

Sharon McCain, 13-year owner of Somewhere in Time, saw this first hand while her mother was being cared for. While her sister and she were able to help their own mothers extra needs, many others were not so fortunate.

“Its sad, they have no family, no visits,”McCain said.

So three years ago, she set up an Angel Tree for senior citizens. The angels are residents of three nursing homes, Green Oaks, Southplace and Park Highlands who have no family or personal caretaker to visit them. The angel donations help with clothing, personal items or treats they enjoy.

Most residents ask for the simple things: Sodas, chocolates, coloring books, socks and pajamas. One gentleman asked for old western novels, pajama bottoms, cheese balls and a long-sleeve shirt. Other items they need are comforters/quilts, clothing, coats, hats etc. Some of the residents are diabetic, so sugar-free treats are always appreciated. Many requested adult coloring books and other entertainment items.

McCain and assistant Bobbie Tuttle told of volunteer Santas saying it was the best thing they have ever done. They have also seen the delight on their faces and received cards that brought them to tears. These angels bring so much joy to the residents according to McCain.

“I feel like the elderly have served their time in the community and deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They need to enjoy having some of the things they want,” McCain said. “The participation in the past has been outstanding and so appreciated. Please help us to make this Christmas extra special once again for our needy seniors.”

If you are interested in providing Christmas joy to local seniors, please consider going by Somewhere in Time located at 115 E. Tyler St. on the square. If you are unable to get by there, please consider calling some senior living facilities and asking how you can help. The deadline for donations is Dec. 11 and they run out sometimes. The tree is a great way to teach your children about giving.

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