The ECW of St. Matthias Episcopal Church located in Athens, TX have created a wonderful Smorgasbord Cookbook. It includes Recipes that range from quick and easy to Traditional favorites. Included are appetizers, dips, soups, salads, vegetables, main dishes, breakfasts, breads, desserts, and miscellaneous. Many of these are served at our annual Smorgasbord luncheon each year.

If you live in the Athens, Malakoff, Crossroads area and would like to receive a Smorgasbord Cookbook, we will bring one to your home with a donation of $20.00 to St. Matthias Episcopal Church. A portion of each donation will also be given by the church to our local Food Pantry.

Please call 972-639-5257 and order your cookbook. We will ask for your address and a day and time to deliver a Smorgasbord Cookbook to your home. Just leave your check, payable to St. Matthias Episcopal Church, at your front door. It can be secured under a rock, mat, whatever is convenient for you. A member of the church will drop by at your scheduled time, pick up the check, and leave an ECW Smorgasbord Cookbook. Thank you for your donation, and we hope your family enjoys the recipes.

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