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“My name is Brad Skiles. I have worked for 23 years for Henderson County building and maintaining roads and bridges.  I am a candidate for Henderson County Precinct 1 Commissioner.  I would like to use my experience and knowledge to benefit the county.  I am a hard worker who works smart.  I have Christian values and maintain a conservative life style.  My parents are Danny and (late) Kathy Skiles of Athens, Texas. I am a lifelong resident of Henderson County.  I am married and have six children and four grandchildren.  We are expecting a fifth grandchild and welcome the blessing.

I was hired by Henderson County Precinct 4 (Road and Bridge) in 1997.  Over the years, I have had the responsibilities of operating and maintaining heavy equipment, maintaining right-of-ways, roads and bridges, clearing drainage ditches, repairing washouts, and installing culverts.  Under the leadership of the late and respectable Commissioner Ken Geeslin, I worked as Forman for the last nine years.  Foreman responsibilities entail planning and streamlining daily projects, organizing and assigning responsibilities to other crew members, assisting in purchasing and coordinating road projects, materials, and equipment.  Important aspects of my responsibilities include time management, meeting deadlines, communicating with constituents to answer questions, provide them with information about current policies, and address their concerns.  I participated in the implementation of the data software used by the county that tracks and trends current road conditions, culvert conditions, signs, use of equipment, and man hours per project.  I have engineered many road projects throughout my career with Henderson County Precinct 4.  I respect and uphold the Texas Transportation Code and Henderson County policies, such as the Special Road Use Indemnity Agreement and Permit and Interlocal Agreements. As Foreman, I work to complete projects within the budget and time constraints.  I monitor all precinct budgets for cost comparison analysis and am very familiar with Precinct 1’s budget.

In 2017, I was appointed by the Henderson County Commissioners’ Court to serve on the Board of Emergency Service District (ESD) 11.  Thereafter, I was elected as President/Chairman of ESD 11.  I am currently serving a third term as President/Chairman.  I oversee the budget and spending of tax dollars and compare tax rates with other ESD’s to ensure a conservative representation and appropriate use of tax payers’ funds.   Presently, ESD 11 operates at the lowest tax rate in comparison to the other ESD’s that operate with a flexible tax rate in the county.  

I have been a first responder throughout my career.  My goal is to promote safety and well being for the people in the county by establishing and maintaining passable roadways.   I understand that a commissioner’s job is 24/7.  A commissioner’s job requires long hours, which includes; mandating road reports, reviewing bills, acting on items of business for Commissioners’ Court and addressing concerns, such as the Tarrant Regional Water District pipeline and the effects it will have on Precinct 1 and other precincts countywide: Sustaining the appropriate funds to recover from road repair.  In addition, I plan to cross train employees and create two crews: One crew will operate on the North end of the precinct and the other crew will operate on the South end.  Both crews will dispatch from Malakoff, which will help speed up response time and address multiple concerns at the same time.  

I am honored to have had the opportunity to work for the late Commissioner of Precinct 4, Ken Geeslin and appreciate his endorsement.  The role of a great leader is not to give greatness, but to extract greatness from others.  My vision is to improve Precinct 1 by giving employees an opportunity to cross train, support the county by having crews work on multiple issues and needs at the same time, promote public safety, and culminate a team effort that fosters unity.

Brad Skiles for Precinct 1 Commissioner.” 

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