Gold and silver have been used as currency for over 5,000 years all over the world. Their value has held firm or increased during difficult markets and recessions making them a powerful way to protect wealth during periods of economic uncertainty. Locally there is a new option for those looking to make this investment. Reigning Jewels is now selling gold and silver coins. The value of a dollar and precious metals can fluctuate, but investors consider gold, silver, platinum and palladium as alternatives to protect against financial turmoil.

Precious metals such as these are rare and difficult to mine. They are valuable as an alternative form of currency and rarity makes them expensive. They can also be used to add variety to a financial portfolio.

There are different types of coins, bullion rounds that are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, they contain no face value and are not currency. They are created by private mints and their value is completely based on the precious metal content.

“We carry bars and rounds, they are all bullion,” said Traci Wilkes, owner. “We are directly connected to the broker and can order as many of whatever the customer desires to purchase.”

Due to the value of the metals, prepayment is required to place an order, cash or check is required. Reigning Jewels is limiting the number held in stock. Pre-order has the added benefit of locking in the current rate.

During times of financial crisis gold has outperformed most others and passed the test of time. Silver has a similar history but also has new uses that are emerging. Platinum is scarce which increases its value. The fact that these metals have held firm or increased in value during past economic crisis makes them a valuable way to protect wealth.

According to Augusta precious metals, examples of this can be found in the '70s when markets suffered, yet gold and values rose by 1,500% and silver even more. During the 2008 recession they from 200% to nearly 500%.

Bullion coins are assigned a face value based on their precious metal content.

“Some coins have intrinsic value along with the value of the metal,” Wilkes said. “We have American Eagles that are uncirculated and can order gold bars as well. We buy and sell bullion investments every day.

“This is also a way to purchase something tangible in times of financial crisis. Silver and gold are popular with many wanting something they can use to purchase and barter if the dollar becomes less valuable. There is a coin shortage and people feel more confident to have something tangible in their hand. It is an investment and is an alternative way of investing as opposed to the stock market.

We are equipped to take any amount of sales or purchases,” Wilkes said.

It is rumored that gold will go up tremendously in 2021 making now a great time to purchase it. Many do not realize there is a local place to do this. Reigning Jewels received a weight and measure certificate and registration through the state of Texas.

If you would like more information please contact Reigning Jewels, 903-904-5048

or visit 909 E. Tyler St. Suite 111, Athens.

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