Driving to the downtown Athens Taco Bell around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, a man and a woman were stopped by Sheriff Botie Hillhouse’s Deputies and jailed for possession of methamphetamines.

Patrick Massey, 48, and Dana McCormick, 47, both from Athens, were pulled over for a vehicle violation by Deputy Jonathan Barrios.

 The suspects were arrested after Barrios and backup Deputy Samuel Addkison found each with hidden meth. Barrios initially spotted the vehicle traveling west-bound on Highway 31.

Massey’s meth was hidden in his right, front pants pocket. McCormick had a glass pipe commonly used to smoke the drug and two baggies of meth, all found in her purse.

Both suspects refused to make eye contact with the arresting Deputy, and he noticed the smell of marijuana in the automobile.

Massey said he was trying to hide the drugs in his socks when the pair was being stopped.

He explained that he was in possession of the marijuana because it was his birthday.

“That’s really not a reason to be carrying contraband in your car at two in the morning headed to a fast-food restaurant,” Sheriff Hillhouse said.

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