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Henderson County Fire Marshal Shane Renberg will spend another two years in the position after he was reappointed by Commissioners Court on Tuesday.

He has served six years as fire marshal after a stint as deputy fire marshal under Darryl Furrh.

"I believe Mr. Renberg has done us a great job," County Judge Wade McKinney said.

Precinct 1 Commissioner Scotty Thomas said Renberg has always answered his calls for illegal dumping cases.

"He's really stepped up for me, Precinct 1 and the whole county," Thomas said.

Renberg said the praise he was getting from the Commissioners was due the people who work in this office. They include Asst. Fire Marshal Sherry Powers, Jackie Calloway, Jaqueline Smith and Ali Hansen.

"They're the reason all those things happen," Renberg said. "That's how things get done."

Renberg has been fire marshal since April 2013, but he's been with the office for about 10 years. Before that, he was with the Payne Springs Police Department.

Fire marshal personnel may make arrests pertaining to arson or other offenses. The duties, unlike those of law enforcement, include building and fire code violations and inspections.

Regarding nuisance violations, the Henderson County Fire Marshal website lists several of the things to watch out for:

• Keeping, storing or accumulating rubbish, including newspapers, abandoned vehicles, refrigerators, stoves, furniture, tires and cans on premises in a neighborhood for 10 days or more, unless the rubbish or object is completely enclosed in a building or is not visible from a public street.

• Maintaining premises in a manner that creates an unsanitary condition likely to attract or harbor mosquitoes, rodents, vermin or disease-carrying pests.

• Allowing weeds to grow on premises in a neighborhood if the weeds are within 300 feet of another residence or commercial establishment.

• Maintaining a building in a manner structurally unsafe or constitutes a hazard to safety, health or public-welfare because of inadequate maintenance, unsanitary conditions, dilapidation, obsolescence, disaster, damage or abandonment or because it constitutes a fire hazard.

• Maintaining on abandoned and unoccupied property in a neighborhood a swimming pool that is not protected.

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