As I stood up the other morning from a restful night,

Noticing looking downward, the phone cord and I almost had a fight.

Just imagining myself on the floor crying out to GOD please help me once more.

Entangled, yes we were, but couldn’t help thinking

Like the phone cord and I were wrapped in our confining state.

Who’s to say and what’s our fate?

Salvation through GOD is no mistake.


JESUS CHRIST is WHOM we profess 

for our salvation none the less.

HE gives joy and peace life and happiness; with that said,

HIS BLOOD was red, here and at the CROSS, and wherever led.

We can rest be assured GOD will keep us fed.

Not everything is rosy all the time

A matter of fact, a day can change on a dime.

But, Oh! To have and know HIS PEACE SUBLIME,

there is no need for anymore a rhyme.

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