A search of inmates in the Texas Criminal Justice System shows a breakdown of Henderson County offenders by crime and race, according to 2019 figures from the National Crime Information Center.

In November, there were 137,529 inmates in the Texas Prison System.

Of prisoners in the state system, 838 were incarcerated for crimes committed in Henderson County.

Henderson County prisoners serving sentences of five to 10 years accounted for 395 of those incarcerated. A total of 286 were serving 10 to 20 years while 160 were in for 20 to 40 years. Terms of more than 40 years were given to 94 of the inmates.

The aggregated crime statistics are based data submitted by Texas Department of Criminal Justice staff.

The data also shows a breakdown of sentences for actual Henderson County residents who are now in the state system. Those include 956 inmates serving less than five years, 393 serving five to 10, 344 with terms of 10 to 20, 181 serving 20 to 40 and 128 with sentences of more than 40 years.

Of Henderson County residents who are in the state system 78.2% were white, 17% black and 4.7% Hispanic. The great majority of the prisoners from the county were male, 90.5%.

The most common offense for prisoners in the TCJC was burglary of a habitation, with over 31,000 of the prisoners included. Possession of a controlled substance accounted for 29,917 of the offenders. In the violent crimes section, 2,883 were jailed for capital murder. Non-capital murder inmates totaled 1,478.

The most common sentence in the state system is 10 to 20 years, which accounts for 31,238 of those incarcerated. Inmates are 33.3% white, 32.9% black and 33.2% hispanic.

The Texas Tribune offers an app on its website to explore inmate data as well as get information about individual inmates.

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