Sunday night’s storm blew the metal roof off of the Adams Surplus on North 19. Damage was done to both home and vehicles. They attempted to pull the metal off of our home using a crane. They cut the electrical line causing sparks and damaging the house further.

Sunday night’s storms and tornadoes left many North Texas residents with damage to their homes and vehicles. The National Weather Service is deploying storm damage survey teams to survey the affected areas today to assess the damage. 

 As residents of North Texas are busy trying to recover, caution and clear thinking in the wake of severe weather can help save lives and prevent further property damage.

 Allstate recommends you take these three steps to begin the recovery process to your home property when it is safe to do so:

 • Make Temporary Repairs: Make reasonable temporary repairs to prevent further damage. Save the receipts for temporary home repairs as these expenses may be reimbursed, depending on the terms and conditions of your homeowner’s policy. Your adjuster will need this information.

 • Document Damages: Inventory your home and list damaged items before your adjuster arrives. An inventory can help facilitate the claim process after a disaster. Use Allstate’s Digital Locker, located within the Allstate Mobile app, to help you create a home inventory of your belongings.

 • Research Contractors: Work only with licensed, bonded and insured contractors and have them provide you with documentation. Check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against contractors you are considering.

 • Contact your insurance company or agent to report any home or auto damage resulting from the storm to begin the recovery process.

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