Want to show some patriotism for the Fourth of July, or summer in general?  How about a red, white, and blue planting scheme?

Red flowers for full sun are easy to find.  Geraniums, salvias, cannas, roses, and cock’s comb (Celosia) will stand out in a landscape or in a container.  

Add touches of white with Diamond Frost® euphorbia, Shasta daisies, petunias, pentas, and roses.  Shasta daisies (Leucanthemum ×superbum) come in several different varieties, with various types of petals, from single to frilly double, and heights from two to four feet.  You may also want to try oxeye daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare).  White roses come in almost any size, from large climbers to short shrubs.  One of the most prolific blooming small white rose bush in my garden is Innocencia Vigorosa®.  Growing only one to two feet high, it is suitable for a container planting.

Blue is a bit trickier to find, but you can’t go wrong with cape plumbago (Plumbago auriculata).  This South African native has been designated a Texas Superstar®.  Another plant commonly called plumbago, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides, is a low-growing ground cover, but it also has stunning blue flowers.  Blue daze Evolvulus is another short option, and so is flossflower, or ageratum.  Veronicas, or speedwell, can add a bit of variety with their spiky form.  You might also wish to try blue fescue, Russian sage (Perovskia), or one of the blue salvias, such as Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue’.  

Although the above varieties will work well in sun, there are some patriotic-colored options for shade, too.  Blue hydrangeas are a natural.  Gardenias or variegated hostas will suffice for the color white.  You might want to try aztec grass, which looks a lot like liriope but in addition to its white-striped foliage, it sports white berries.  Red flowers for shade that bloom at this time of year are a bit harder to find.  Try begonias to give your displays just the right touch of red.

To finish off your plantings, be certain to add some red, white, and blue-striped bows or miniature American flags to your containers or in-ground displays.  

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