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Jennifer Clamon, Chief April Meadows, Tina Hamilton and Officer Rick Harmon stand with part of the donations to Happy Tails. They will be collecting donations throughout the month of November.

Every November Texas Tan in Gun Barrel City holds an annual pet food drive to benefit Happy Tails, a local animal rescue. The Payne Springs Police Department decided to help by having a food drive of their own. Their donation brought Jennifer Clamon, Texas Tan owner, and Tina Hamilton, founder of Happy Tails in tears.

“During the month of November, we hold an annual pet food drive to benefit Happy Tails, which is a local no-kill animal shelter,” Clamon stated on Facebook. “Today, the Payne Springs Police Department surprised us with a huge donation! When I say huge, I mean HUGE!”

Happy Tails is a true no kill shelter that rescues dogs, cats and farm animals. Helping animals when you don’t have a lot of funding is a hard labor of love, sweat and tears. The huge donation was needed and greatly appreciated.

“We always try to do something to help local charities,” said April Meadows, Payne Springs Police Chief. “This year we decided to help those who can’t speak for themselves.”

Payne Springs Police Department is full of animal lovers, so when Meadows saw the Texas Tan food drive on Facebook, she knew this was the annual winner. With the pandemic, they were not expecting the huge outpouring of love from local business owners and individuals.

“The community really came through,” Meadows said.

Massive donations of food, toys, treats, pet dishes and blankets were donated.

“It was so awesome and overwhelming, thank you to the people of Payne Springs,” Hamilton said. “It was an ‘oh wow’ moment. I was completely surprised.”

“I am just absolutely blown away,” Clamon stated on Facebook. “This has been a really hard year for all of us. It touches my heart to see such love and kindness from our community. I confess, I teared up as they were bringing it all in! The words thank you just don’t even come close. Big hugs to Police Chief April Meadows and the Payne Springs Police Department. Today was truly a great day.” 

If you would like to learn more about Happy Tails, Visit www.athensreview.com where Happy Tails was featured in the September Greater Athens Magazine. https://joom.ag/s6SC/p14

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