October came in with a sizzle and left with a chill in Athens, according to information from the National Weather Service.

The month ended with the temperature falling toward the freezing mark, a trend that continued until the sun came up on November 1.

"The coop observer reported a high of 44 degrees and a low of 22 for the 24 hour period. The low at the airport was 28 degrees," David Bonnette of the NWS in Fort Worth said.

Bonnette said Athens was typical of the North Texas region where at or near record lows dotted the map. Dallas Fort Worth Airport hit a low of 31 degrees on October 31, tying a record set in 1906. Waco reached a low of 25, shattering a mark set in 1917.

In Athens, Halloween was by far the coolest of the decade.  Last year, the high on October 31 was 81 degrees. The warmest Oct. 31 of the decade was two years earlier, in 2017, when the mercury climbed to 85 degrees.

October began with a high of 95 degrees on the first. The temperature stalled in the mid-90s for the first seven days of the month. The first cool snap was reported on Oct. 12, when the high only reached 54 degrees. The recorded low was only 39 degrees. On the 25th, rain showers blew through the area, dropping more than an inch of rain and cooling the area for the following day, when the high stalled at only 52 degrees.

In 2015, Oct. 31 was marred, not by cold, but by 2.21 inches of rain that drenched any trick-or-treat plans. The coolest temperature was recorded in 2011, when the high only reached 69.

NWS predicts quiet and dry weather will prevail through the weekend. A slight chance of rain will roll in on Monday and increase to about 40% by Thursday.

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