Oak Wood Place Assisted Living owners Blake and David Daniels want the public to know what they were doing and why in order to protect the most affected group from COVID-19. Daniels hosted a demonstration during meal times Friday showing hygiene and sanitization techniques to residents and staff.

“Our main priorities are our residents, our employees and their families,” Blake said. “We obviously stay in contact with Health and Human Services daily and are following the guidelines coming down from HHS and the Center for Disease Control. Before we got that, we decided about 10-12 days ago, to completely sterilize our full facility ‑ Clorox, Lysol ‑ all the doorknobs, light switches, common areas, furniture, desks, computers and anything that a hand would touch including the kitchen. We are doing this three to four times a day. We have locked all of the doors except the front door, we usher them to a room right inside the door where we take their temperature. We sent letters to residents and their families, home health, doctors, P.A's and anyone that has come in as a guest or medical professional telling them to limit their visits to emergency only and normal health assistance. We ask that they call us first. We have issued calls and visits to medical professionals, we are checking their temperatures and vitals every single time they come in to start a shift.”

Daniels said the residents are also getting screened each time they come for medicine.

“Our kitchen staff and every employee that interacts with residents on a daily basis, any that have to go inside the room, are required to wear gloves, even changing them between each service provided to the residents. We have not had anyone showing signs of a cold or flu. We are taking precautions from the President and have cancelled all outside activities such as trips to Walmart, movies, etc. We are still offering internal activities. As of right now we have no health concerns. We have the amount of items such as water and cleaning supplies we are required to have and more.”

“We have hand sanitizer all over the place, as assisted living we are different than nursing homes. Nursing homes have more hands on services, but as assisted living, we want to make sure we are doing everything possible to protect our residents from this as well. We have extra staff that are on call ranging from volunteers to extra staff supervising sanitation and screening. We are being proactive.”

Please follow the HHS and CDC guidelines and take it even a step further.

Daniels said he would rather our employees and residents know that they are taking this seriously.

“This demographic is being effected the most,” he said. “We just ask for visitors for the next 30 days to stay away from our community unless there is an emergency. Please call first and prepare for hand sanitation, temperature to be taken and a basic vital screening by an RN on staff.”

Other local nursing homes and assisted living facilities are also on lock down or limiting visitation to end of life or medical staff. Lakeland House is limiting visiting hours from 10 a.m. to noon and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and screening each person through questions, temperature check and vitals. South Place is limiting visitors to emergency and health professionals only who also are screened. Other facilities were unable to answer before press time.


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