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Henderson County District Attorney Mark Hall has confirmed, Randall Mays received a stay of execution for the 2007 murder of two Henderson County Sheriff's Deputies.

Visiting Judge Joe D. Clayton had set Mays to be executed for 6 p.m.,Wednesday, Oct. 16. Henderson County District Attorney Mark Hall said Clayton has stayed the executive due to the fact his attorneys have file an appeal on Mays competency.

Mays' attorneys are appealing a decision made June 5,  by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals affirming the decision by Clayton that Mays is competent to be executed.

In May of 2008, Mays, 58, of Payne Springs was convicted and sentenced to death for killing Deputy Tony Ogburn. He also killed HCSO investigator Paul Habelt and seriously wounded Deputy Kevin Harris.

Ogburn and Habelt were a pair of the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office’s most experienced lawmen. Habelt had more than 40 years to his credit. Ogburn was a veteran deputy who had worked around the courthouse for several years.

Mays’ trial in early 2008 again brought the story to the forefront. For days, witnesses recounted the events until the decision finally went to the jury. They returned with a guilty verdict almost a year to the day after the shootings.

The original execution date of March 18, 2015, was stayed by the Court of Criminal Appeals. The appellate court justices found Mays, 58, of Payne Springs, made “a substantial showing that he is incompetent to be executed” and ordered further competency hearings, including the appointment of mental-health experts.

 No date has been set for Mays execution. Hall said Mays is entitled to other appeals before an execution is carried out by the state of Texas.

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