Not many agriculture students travel to a county’s stockshow, and wins every place in their particular category.

But, that’s what happened Wednesday night at the Henderson County Livestock Show with Cassiddy Petty, a senior at Mabank High School, and a member of the Chandler 4-H. He and his family live near Phalba, a few miles from Eustace.

Petty entered several cattle in the Dairy Cattle category. One actually took Grand Champion honors.

Petty agrees that anything done for the Henderson County Livestock Show can sometimes be labeled hard work.

“It’s a chore,” he said. “But I love doing it.”

After graduation from high school, Petty plans to attend Lincoln College of Technology in Grand Prairie. After the 13-month coursework, he plans to become a diesel mechanic.

Petty talks of the experience he received with livestock when he was a child.

“We used to raise cattle when I was growing up,” he said. “But normally, we couldn’t touch them.  They were always in the pasture.”

He said that in Phalba, the family owns five acres of land containing eight head of cows, along with about 900 rabbits along with some chickens.

“I love dairy cows,” he said. “You can get money when you sell the butter.”

Petty began showing Dairy Cattle at the Henderson County Livestock Show in  2008, and  has been doing that ever since, with the distinction of possessing the only entries.

Petty has also competed with Dairy Cattle in San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth and Dallas. He has won several trophies in all those cities, except Dallas, which he personally believes is the most difficult in which to compete.

At HCLS, Petty won three buckles, one for the Grand Champion, one for the Reserve Champion and one for Showmanship.

He won first place in:  Dairy Cattle; Yearling heifer.

He also won first, second and third place in the categories of: 2-year-olds not in milk; and 2-year-olds-and-up in milk.

He is the son of Billy Petty, a farmer, and Lynette Petty, who is a housewife.  Cassiddy is the youngest of five children in the family. All except himself have grown up and left home.

Lynette Petty said none of them have been interested in livestock shows except Cassiddy.

“I was happy,” Lynette said of Wednesday’s competitions, in which her son won. “I was very proud.  He has won over the entire state, and I am always proud.”

Judge for the Dairy Cattle competition was Richard Watson, an instructor of agriculture science at North Hopkins Independent School District.

Announcer for the event was Dr. Timothy M. Roddam, superintendent of the dairy show at Chandler 4-H.


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