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A 32-year-old man remained in the Kaufman County Jail on Monday following an incident in which his vehicle struck killed a pedestrian in Mabank.

On Friday, officers arrested Chandler Martin Mitchell, 32, who was held on a $350,000 dollar bond for manslaughter.

Mabank Police Department reports said, on March 13, at about 9:30 a.m., the department was informed of a motor vehicle accident in the 18000 block of Farm-to-Market-Road 90. Kaufman County Dispatch told officers the accident is believed to be within the town limits of Mabank.

Officers arrived on scene and saw CareFlite medical technicians in the rear of the ambulance with CPR in progress. Officers saw a Chevrolet truck facing north on the southern side of Highway 90.

Reports said there were multiple people in the accident scene, including Mitchell, the operator of the Chevrolet truck. The victim was transported by ambulance to the Gun Barrel City hospital.

Mabank Police department Investigator Billy Snell was notified from the Gun Barrel City hospital that the victim, whose name has not been released, had not survived the accident and was pronounced deceased by a medical physician. MPD began to work the scene of the accident along with Texas Department of Public Safety. Officers noted that the Chevrolet Colorado work truck, had several caution lights activated, including blue, white, and amber, along with visible yellow warning labels on the tailgate.

Mitchell gave police a voluntary statement, saying he was traveling south on Farm to Market Road 90. Mitchell said he did see the work truck parked to the side of the road. Mitchell reported the victim was standing with his door open and his back to oncoming traffic. The man looked back and appeared to be startled, then attempted to run to the far side of the road. Mitchell then attempted to move further over in order to miss the victim, being unable to do so.

On a later date, Mabank Police Department and Texas department of Public safety went to the wrecker storage to serve a search warrant on the vehicle operated by Chandler. The warrant was to gain access to the Event Data Recorder from the truck. According to the information recovered from Mitchell's vehicle, he was traveling 66 miles per hour four seconds prior to impact. The maximum speed he was allowed to pass was 35 miles per hour. The recorder also provided evidence that Mitchell did not attempt to activate the brakes until he struck the victim.

Snell reviewed Mitchell's Texas driver's license report, confirming that Mitchell was not eligible to operate a motor vehicle on the roadway. Snell saw the victim's utility vehicle, with its lights flashing required Mitchell to pass, while driving 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed,.

Based on the information gathered at the scene Snell obtained an arrest warrant on Mitchell for manslaughter.

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