The cost of a gallon of gas has been dropping around the country, GasBuddy reported on Monday. 

According to the website that tracks 140,000 station nationwide, the average price on Monday stood at $2.09 for a gallon on unleaded. The average price in Texas was well below the national trend at $1.73 per gallon, while Athens was showing a low of $1.72 at Murphy USA on East Tyler Street.

“As expected, previous weakness in oil has continued to translate into falling gasoline prices nearly nationwide as motorists cast their ballots last week, but the six week trend could reverse on optimism that President-elect Biden may move quickly to get organized and Sen. Majority Leader McConnell has said stimulus is high on his agenda, aiding the economy and oil demand,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

The Shell station on East Tyler Street and the Exxon on South Palestine in Athens were each showing $1.79 on Monday. That's in contrast to the Shell on West Corsicana, which was posting $1.98 and the Exxon on East Tyler Street, with a price of $1.99.

Around the county, the CEFCO in Gun Barrel City was charging $1.77, the Shell in Mabank $1.87 and the the Exxon in Payne Springs, $1.87.

The Shamrock in Eustace showed a price of $1.89, while the Chevron in Malakoff posted $1.96 per gallon.

Three weeks ago, Athens' lowest price was $1.78 at the Murphy USA and Brookshire's location on East Tyler Street. That's a penny lower than the same three stations on Sept. 28.

GasBuddy also released a comparison of average prices under recent presidents. Many factors can affect the changes in prices, but President Donald Trump has had the lowest average price since the first term of George W. Bush. 

Through Oct. 12, the average price during the Trump presidency was $2.49. The second term of Barack Obama produced an average of $2.83 after a first term average of $3.07. During the two Bush terms the price rose from $1.54 to $2.70

GasBuddy tracks prices at 

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