Held on the Second Saturday of each month by Friends of the Animals, the next low-cost vaccination and microchip clinic for all area residents is on SATURDAY AUGUST 10 from 10am-noon.

It will be held at the Friends’ clinic in the southeast corner of highways 198 and 334 in Gun Barrel City in the red brick office strip just behind and east of the Huddle House Restaurant.  No appointment is necessary.


A rabies shot will cost $15, the parvo, distemper, etc shot for dogs or the equivalent for cats will cost $17.  The feline leukemia vaccination will be available as well at a cost of $12.  There is a surcharge on each service for those animals not spayed/neutered to be reimbursed at time of or with proof of surgery.

We accept most credit or debit cards, in addition to checks or cash.

This vaccination clinic is open to everyone, anywhere.

This clinic will also offer microchipping to cats or dogs.  A tiny chip is inserted into the scruff of the pet, which can be read by a scanner available at shelters everywhere.  Your lost pet comes home!  Cost for this is $25, which includes the permanent national registration.

Also available for sale at any time is Activyl for cats or Simparica for dogs (over age 6-months),  flea prevention products from Merck and Novartis.  Activyl is a liquid in a vial to be applied to the skin of your cat – Simparica is a chewable for your dog -  both products are getting rave reviews - and are very reasonably priced.  Don’t be fooled by products that are cheap – the reason they are cheap is that they do not work!  Don’t throw away your hard-earned money on products that don’t work!

If you have questions about the vaccination clinic, please call 903-887-PETS.  

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