Sheila Hendrix, 43, of Eustace was sentenced by a jury in 392nd District Judge Carter Tarrance’s court to 24 years for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

A jury was selected Tuesday and the trial began the same day.

Hendrix was arrested by Eustace Police Officer John Dixon for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver after he responded to a disturbance call at the Town and Country RV Park on Nov. 22, 2006.

When Dixon arrived at the scene, he received consent to search the defendant’s vehicle and residence. Eustace Police Chief Robert Walker took custody of the evidence, including the drugs and numerous small baggies. Dixon took a statement from Hendrix, who said she used methamphetamine and sold it to help pay her bills and rent.

District Attorney Donna Bennett prosecuted the case for the state. Samuel Smith represented Hendrix.

“The Eustace Police Department did an excellent job in recovering the drugs and obtaining the statement from the defendant,” Bennett said. “They also video recorded the entire incident. I think this was very helpful to the jury.”

The jury deliberated about 15 minutes before returning the guilty verdict and about 45 minutes before assessing her punishment at 24 years.

“The jury sent a message that possession and delivery of methamphetamine is not acceptable conduct in our county. Hendrix chose to deal drugs and she was punished appropriately,” Bennett stated.

The defendant had previously been sentenced to the penitentiary in Tarrance’s court for driving while intoxicated.

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