Murchison ISD

Students completing the eighth grade at Murchison ISD can now transfer to LaPoynor High School under an agreement signed on Friday.

“LaPoynor is now our receiving school,” MISD Superintendent Linda Followwell said.

Under the memorandum of understanding between the districts, students from Murchison may attend LaPoynor, including those who come from within the boundaries of the Athens or Brownsboro districts. They could also choose to return to their home districts. The memorandum has already been approved by trustees of the two districts.

LISD Superintendent James Young also participated in the signing — the result of talks that began in June.

“We started talking about the things we could do,” Followwell said. “We like the small-school traditional values.”

In the next school year, high school-age students will travel to the Murchison campus and be picked up by a LaPoynor bus. They'll be returned to the location in the afternoon. LaPoynor is a little more than 20 miles from the Murchison school.

Another advantage in sending the students to LaPoynor is tthat hey can participate in archery and golf and some electives they started in Murchison.

Followwell said Murchison has 11 eighth graders this year, 18 seventh graders and 19 sixth-graders.

In 2016, LaPoynor trustees voted to allow students to transfer into the district at no cost. At that time, they had 34 out-of-district students.

Murchison students traveled to LaPoynor on Friday to meet students and teachers as a prequel to enrolling there in the fall.