Some Athens residents got an unwelcome surprise during their lunch hour on Thursday afternoon.  According to Athens Police Lt. Michael Davis, six tires were slashed on five vehicles in the 300 block of North Pinkerton Street.

“The tires were punctured with a sharp object.”  Davis said. “There have no other reported incidents of this type in the area.”

Mona Farmer was one of the first to discover the crime, as well as being a victim herself.

“We came out to find the tires slashed on several cars.  It was really a shock to me,” she said.

Farmer added that she has never had this kind of problem in the area before.

“In all the years I’ve lived in Athens, I’ve never experienced anything like this,” Farmer said.”

Another of the reported victims was said to have just put new tires on his truck only two days before the slashing.

Although there were no reported witnesses to the crime, APD’s Davis said that investigators are looking for a suspicious individual that was seen in the vicinity of where the tires were cut.

Because the investigation into the tire-slashing is ongoing, investigators were unable to give more details about the crime, or the suspect in question.

If you have any information that might be helpful in the investigation of this crime, you are encouraged to contact the Athens Police Department. 

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