Satanic image

A Brownsboro High School student drew the above satanic image on a bathroom wall in the school. The student was taken into custody Wednesday.

A Brownsboro High School student was arrested Wednesday, and charged with Terroristic Threat On A Public Entity, a third-degree felony.

The student was arrested in response to satanic graffiti containing threatening statements that was discovered in a boys restroom on Tuesday afternoon.

Superintendent Dr. Chris Moran said the high school administration worked closely with local law enforcement to identify possible witnesses and the suspect, who was ultimately detained early Wednesday morning prior to arrest.

At the beginning of the school day Wednesday, the student, who is being considered an adult instead of a minor, was immediately detained.

“I am pleased with the response and coordination by the high school staff, BISD police and local law enforcement,” Moran said. “The safety of our students is our highest priority, and this timely response reinforces my confidence in the individuals and safety of our campuses.”

Photos of the image surfaced on social media sites, including Facebook, early in the week, causing parents to be concerned for students' safety. Many said they would not send their child to school Thursday.

Stephanie Teel shared her concerns, and a photo on the Chandlerslist Facebook page.

“Today someone wrote on the walls starting 10 students would be sacrificed on 11/6/14. It also had writings about Satan as well as hell. I was informed it's been going on for the past couple days,” she wrote. “With all the school shootings in the past, I don't believe this is something to be taken lightly or joked about especially by a school official whom we trust with our children's safety daily.”

According to Teel, BISD officials were notified, and the solution was to paint over the image, and students were asked to stop talking about it.

With several concerned parents and citizens sharing Teel's post on Facebook Tuesday, Brownsboro Police Chief Thomas Robertson issued the following statement on the Brownsboro Police Department Facebook page.

“I understand there is a lot of parents and students that are worried about some stuff that a student wrote on a wall. I've spoke with Chief Myntti and he knows about the writings and has been in the process of arranging for extra officers and security. Dr. Moran put out an all-call a few minutes ago, in which he also explained how the district has been handling it and about the extra law enforcement. Rest assured we are and will always do everything in our power to keep yours and our children as safe as we can.”

Moran and Brownsboro ISD Police Chief Scott Myntti said additional law enforcement will be present on all Brownsboro ISD campuses throughout the week to reassure parents, students and staff.

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