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Nurse Place Nursing Center is a 24-hour skilled-nursing facility. The facility offers senior living operations in Athens on Gibson Road. For more information, call 903-292-4069.

There are different reasons to use a nursing home facility. Some of the reasons would include sickness, being hurt, having had surgery and the need to get better, or perhaps there may be chronic care needs, or a disability that may require ongoing nursing care.

Whether you call it a nursing home, a long-term health care facility, or an assisted-living facility, finding the right facility is one of the most important decision older adults and their families will make.

South Place Nursing Center on Gibson Road in Athens is a skilled nursing facility providing clinical 24-hour licensed-nursing clinical care.

South Place Nursing Center provides not only skilled nursing care, it also provides rehabilitation services to seniors in the Athens area.

The facility provides both short-term and long-term care. The nursing center is committed to empowering each resident through individualized programs.

The nursing center does provide outpatient rehabilitation. The service is used for people who are living safely at home, but require rehab therapy to help them live free of physical limitations or pain.

Rae Priestley, admission and marketing manager at South Place, said, “Most of our residents require skilled nursing care.”

South Place provides a team of rehabilitation professionals supporting the progress of the patient.

Priestley said, “We offer  physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and licensed clinical social workers. They are all part of the care team.”

“The rehabilitation program includes state-of-the-art technology and highly-skilled therapists.”

South Place says the residents will dine “Your Way.” The facility has brought restaurant-style dining to the nursing center. Some of the unique features of “Dining Your Way” will include:

• No more early wake-up calls for breakfast.

• Enjoy restful awakenings, and sleep in until desired.

• Your meal will be ready when you are.

• There are extended dining times offering a choice of where and when to dine.

• Selective menus feature fresh and nutritious meals.

• Continental breakfast are for those early risers.

• Table-side service available for each course.

• Enhanced snack service.

• Restaurant-style ambiance and decor.

South Place believes that family members should be actively involved in planning each resident’s medical care and treatment.

“We don't have visiting hours. Families are welcome anytime,” said Priestley.

The family is encouraged to participate in the development and regular conferences about their family member. South Place includes follow-up conferences to keep the family informed.

There is also a wide range of social and counseling services available for family members who may be dealing with a debilitating medical condition of   their family member.

Short-term and long-term residents will have a wide range of activities and events to keep entertained. From domino tournaments, day trips, music therapy, movies and musical entertainment, there is something for everyone.

“We have great activities everyday,” said Priestley.

An experienced activities director is on hand to tailor each activity to the resident’s individual abilities and interests.

South Place Nursing Center also provides respite care.

Respite care provides temporary relief for family caregivers who are caring for people with disabilities, special needs, or who are simply aging.

Respite care can also be employed to allow for recovery after a surgery or hospital stay.

Priestley said the staff was one of the best.

“Not only a great staff, but we are like a family, and treat our residents like family.”

For more information about South Place Nursing Center in Athens, visit its website at

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