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  Rick Simmons has announced his candidacy for  Henderson County Constable Precinct 5.

  Simmons said he is a single parent who is family-oriented. His son attends Cross Roads High School and his family has been a part of Henderson County's community since 1865.

He said that with over 25 years experience of law enforcement public service, he has been serving the communities of Henderson County for nearly two decades.

   He has served 10 years with the Seven Points Police Department, and is currently a Sergeant with the Tool Police Department, where he has been for almost 10 years.

  “With a quarter of a century's worth of experience serving the public's trust, I plan to draw on the experiences, and skills I have developed over the years towards serving the public as the Precinct 5 Constable of Henderson County,” he said. “If elected, my goal is to bring the Constable's office closer to the communities it serves. This is an untapped resource for all of the people in the precinct. Certainly, the Constable has a duty to perform specific assignments related to the office.”

  Simmons said he plans to bridge the gap between the community, and its elected Constable by getting involved in the communities. He added that across the state, traditional law enforcement agencies have embraced the idea of community policing, and the Constable's offices are no exception to that responsibility.

  “I believe that it is time for a change, and want to begin a new era of community partnerships, where the Constable’s Office becomes more interactive with the residents,” Simmons said. “This includes participating in new ventures such as learning-for-life programs, where teenagers can learn more about law enforcement by exploring careers in public service.”

He said that it is not enough for the Constable to merely do a job, and head home.

  “I strongly believe that the Constable should be an integrated part of the community, and not merely drawing a paycheck. People should know the person they elect to serve them, and they expect and deserve for that person to be a positive part of their lives,” he said. “I am dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the people represented in Precinct 5, with the highest degree of professionalism that is native to the modern law enforcement professional.”

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