Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Hank Sibley has transferred to Sulphur Springs, and the selection process is under way for his replacement.

Sibley officially left the Athens DPS office Dec. 31 after a stay of about five years. DPS officials say the new sergeant could be in place by Feb. 1.

Tom Binger, a spokesman for the District DPS office in Bryan, which oversees several counties including the Athens office, said, “Transfers usually come when someone moves either for a promotion or makes a lateral move to an area they like.”

“The way the process works is they post the vacancy and if any sergeant wants to transfer they would get the position,” Corporal Charlie Morgan of the DPS office in Waco said. “If there is more than one, seniority will figure into the selection.”

Morgan said if no one chooses to make the move, DPS will examine the list of those who have passed the test for sergeant. Those who qualify remain on the eligibility list for one year.

“If there is no one waiting who has passed the exam,” Morgan said, “they’ll have to wait until someone qualifies and that could be a while.”

Morgan explained the rotation is done on the first of the month. If a sergeant is chosen during the next few days he would be able to step in by Feb. 1.


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