The Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake has been selected for an American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals program that partners with overcrowded source shelters that need help placing animals, as well as destination shelters, where animals have a greater chance to be adopted.

HSCCL is a source shelter in the program, which means the ASPCA will move up to 50 animals per month from Tool to ASPCA destination shelters aboard the Animal Relocation Program WaterShed Animal Fund Rescue Ride.

The first departure of the WAFRR left for Michigan on April 30, 2019. Most of the dogs were adopted in the first few days of their arrival. On Monday, the second ASPCA transport will depart at 6 a.m. with approximately 25 dogs and puppies on board.

“This is such an exciting step for our shelter,” said Lanette Ainsworth, president of the HSCCL board, in a press release. “Our staff, veterinarian, board, and volunteers have been working with the ASPCA for almost a year to make what we’re calling the 'Proud Paws Express' possible. The insight and guidance from the ASPCA has been phenomenal.

“We absolutely could not do this without the generosity of members of our community.  Their continued support is crucial to cover medical, health certificates and changes at the shelter that are necessary for the program to succeed.”

The ASPCA Animal Relocation Program is made possible by and named for the WaterShed Animal Fund, an Oklahoma-based non-profit that funds innovative programs aimed at improving the lives of companion animals. In 2018, the ASPCA’s WAFRR made 299 trips, working with 11 source shelters, 14 destination shelters and 1 way-station agency to move more than 8,468 animals, including 1,147 cats and 7,018 dogs.

In March 2019, the program reached a milestone of moving 15,000 animals in the Midwest route. Since the ASPCA Animal Relocation program launched in 2014, the ASPCA has moved more than 100,000 animals across the West Coast, East Coast and Midwest.                                                                               Established in 1983, HSCCL is a non-profit organization that serves residents of Kaufman and Henderson counties and surrounding municipalities. More than 3,000 animals are rescued each year.


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