State Highway 31 in Chandler is back in service after being closed Wednesday afternoon for repair of a gas line.

Traffic on the busy passageway through the city was rerouted while repairs were being completed.

City Administrator Jim Moffeit said Darwin Winfield of Atmos had notified him that the work was finished. The leak was located in the downtown area, near the post office.

“The gas company was here relatively quickly,” Moffeit said. “Gas had tracked under the east lane. The issue was to give the gas in the ground a chance to dissipate.”

Emergency responders helped divert traffic to feeder roads to avoid a downtown snarl.

Moffeit said work crews dug into the line, and had it capped within about 30 to 45 minutes. Then they took a couple of hours to give the escaped gas a chance to disperse.

After the gas company had finished its work, TxDOT tore into the damaged roadway, and replaced it. TxDOT has since told Moffeit that the repair was successful.

Moffeit said the leak was caused by a contractor digging a new waterline. The spot where the line was to be dug was marked incorrectly, which caused workers to strike the gas line.

With the line repaired, the water line construction continued.

“The water line is in, and has been charged,” Moffeit said.

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