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The Henderson County Commissioners Court on Tuesday approved specially-tailored documents for the major legal software conversion.

The Henderson County Commissioners Court voted last September to contract with Tyler Technologies of Plano to replace the AbleTerm system the county had used for 15 years.

Implementation of new Odyssey software package, purchased at a cost of $984,988, is ahead of schedule, Precinct 2 Commissioner Wade McKinney said, chiefly due to cooperation of the county departments and employees.

The specially tailored documents are needed to move ahead with the process, because each county’s needs are a little different.

 “You have to do your due diligence, and do what they call a business process review,” McKinney said.

Once the contract was signed with Tyler Technologies, company officials met with each of the departments to find out exactly what data needs to go into the system.

“They’re in a part of the process they call data mapping,” McKinney said. “You have to do the review and the data mapping before you have to make that first conversion to see  how much information does come over, to see how much is left of data that is either missing information or mapped incorrectly.”

With the Odyssey integrated system, all of the departments involved in the judicial system in the county can have seamless digital communication. Of the 350 or so county employees, about 265 will be using the judicial software in some way.

Commissioners took no action on a local $2 transaction fee for e-filing in the County Clerk and District Clerk Offices.

In other action, Commissioners approved a contract between East Texas Medical Center, Emergency Medical Services and the county. The property is located within the Eustace Independent School District boundaries. Precinct 3 Commissioner Ronny Lawrence voted against the contract, because the bid was less than 10 percent of the appraised value of the property.

Later, Commissioners approved a total recycling contract for Precinct 4. Commissioner Ken Geeslin said it’s part of his effort to offer total recycling for citizens.  The contract is with a company that twice a year will pick up electronic devices that can not be placed with the other recycling items. The service is at no cost to the county.

Commissioners also approved:

• an interlocal agreement between the county and the City of Log Cabin for labor and equipment in a road improvement project;

• a tax resale of a property in Oak Acres subdivision in Precinct 1;

• a $31,500 payment for a tractor in Precinct 4; and

• payment of regular bills in the amount of $489,288.60.

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