Republican incumbent Becky Hanks is in for another four-year term as district clerk.

Hanks — who will be entering her second term as district clerk — faced off against fellow Republican Martha Lam in the general election Tuesday night. Lam, a court reporter with the 173rd District Court, was a newcomer to the political arena.

Hanks led Lam in the polls throughout the evening, beginning with a 10 percent lead in early counting. Lam managed to close the gap somewhat as the tallying continued: She closed with 2,179 votes to Hanks’ 2,610.

The nearness of the race could be partly credited to the massive size of Lam’s campaign coffers. She spent more than $12,000 prior to the election, nearly all of it her own money.

Most of Hanks’ campaign funds consisted of outside donations. Her total expenditure was a little more than $2,400 — just over a fifth of Lam’s.

But what Hanks lacked in money, she made up for in name recognition and elbow grease. She was particularly busy on Monday and Tuesday, when she went out with her daughter, sister, and a friend to pitch their campaign to motorists. With signs in hand, the group made roadside appearances throughout the county.

Hanks used a similar technique in her previous campaign in 2002.

“My daughter’s from New Orleans, and that’s how they campaign out there,” Hanks said. “They don’t know what to think about it here in Texas.”

Hanks was quoted in February as saying her campaign was in the Lord’s hands, a view she maintains now. After the election, Hanks said she believed God had a plan for her.

“This office belongs to the citizens of Henderson County, not me,” she said. “They’ve let me look after it, and I’m very grateful.”




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