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CHEROKEE  SHORES –  Five law enforcement officers were attacked, four of them suffering knife wounds Tuesday evening after two Gun Barrel City Police officers attempted to serve an arrest warrant on the man.

The suspect was identified in a Wednesday afternoon press release from the Gun Barrel City Police Department as 19-year-old Donald Ray Huback, Jr., was finally apprehended inside a recreational vehicle he had been living in on Rising Star Trail in the Cherokee Shores subdivision.

By Wednesday morning, Huback was in Smith County Jail held in lieu of bonds for aggravated assault on an officer, totaling $2.5 million. Another $5,000 was added for an alleged check forgery.

He was then transported to Smith County Jail to be put in isolation for his own safety, according to Henderson County Sheriff Ray Nutt.

Law enforcement officials who suffered knife wounds included:

• HCO Lt. Bryan Tower – multiple stab wounds to his back;

• GBC Police Chief Damon Boswell – a stab wound in his arm;

• Athens Police Detective James Bonnette –  a cut on his finger while fighting with Huback;

• An unidentified officer from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice also sustained minor stab wound during the altercation with Huback;

• GBC Police Officer Tiffany Carrizales was struck in the head with a full 2-liter cola bottle being swung inside a plastic bag. She was pushed down, suffering a head injury in the process.

All of the law enforcement officers were treated for their injuries at East Texas Medical Center Gun Barrel and then released.

Here¹s how the situation occurred, according to the GBC press release and comments from Assistant Chief Larry Warrick.

Following a lengthy investigation by GBC Officer Tiffany Carrizales concerning a forged check, she obtained a felony arrest warrant on Huback.

She and officer Ken Bee delivered the warrant to the RV-type trailer, but were told by neighbors that Huback wasn¹t home.

While waiting, Bee parked the police car away from the residence, so as not to alert Huback. But Huback returned home while the two officers were separated. Carrizales approached Huback, and attempted to take the man into custody before he walked into the trailer.

That is when Huback is alleged to have swung the unopened cola bottle and landed it on the side of the officer¹s head, stunning her.

Huback then took off running into a wooded area. Officer Bee, having hidden the police car, returned to the scene to find the injured officer.

Bee then called for additional officers and for an ambulance for Carrizales.

Officers Jesse Ison and Cody Dickerson of the GBC Police Department responded, as did Warrick and Investigator Monte Mansfield.

Warrick called Boswell to the scene, and then called Henderson County Sheriff Ray Nutt, and requested that the dogs from TDJC be brought to the wooded area to search for Huback.

A perimeter was set in place, hoping to contain the suspect until the dogs could arrive. That would not happen for another two hours.

More HCO officers arrived, as did Texas Ranger Michael Adcock, investigators from the HCO District Attorney¹s office and Police Chief Buddy Hill from the Athens Police Department, along with Detective Bonnette.

While waiting for the dogs, a decision was made to go into Huback¹s RV to find a shirt or object that would have the suspect¹s scent on it.

After obtaining a key, Bee and Boswell observed movement inside the trailer.

Several officers then entered the trailer looking for Huback. They theorized that Huback had somehow sneeked back into the mobile home through a small door attached to the outside of the residence which leads to a storage compartment under the bed.

Bonnette then found Huback hidden under the bed. The report says Huback swung at Bonnette¹s leg with his knife, believed to be about the size of a small pearing knife.

“He pops up with the knife to his own throat, and telling the officers to shoot  him,” Warrick said. “Those scratches are from him. He did it to  himself.”

When the officer moved toward him, Warrick said he reached over Bryan Tower¹s back, and began stabbing him multiple times.

That¹s when Boswell attempted to get Huback off Tower, and was himself, stabbed in the right arm.

Bonnette intervened, and was cut on his finger by the knife, and an unidentified TDJC employee also suffered a knife wound, though no specifics were immediately available. The TDJC employee was treated and released at ETMC Gun Barrel.

All of the officers treated for injuries were given tetanus shots as a precaution.

Huback was removed from the scene by Ranger Adcock. Huback was taken first to the jail in Gun Barrell City, then transferred to HCO Jail and finally to Smith County in Tyler, where he was arraigned by a Smith County magistrate.

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