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When Athens firefighter Gene Lattis arrived at work on Thursday to help as the department fought the blaze at AgServices, he knew he was in for a long night. He just didn’t know how long.

While he was on the job, someone stole Lattis’ truck, trailer and mower. The truck was later recovered on the southeast end of the county, but not in good shape. The trailer and mower were still missing as of Monday afternoon.

Athens Police Department reports said the stolen vehicle call was received shortly before 3 a.m. on Friday. Lattis told police that his 2001 model, maroon Toyota Tundra was gone. Attached to the vehicle was a flat-bed trailer that was hauling a Ferris zero-turn mower.

The truck was found on Sunday in the LaRue, LaPoynor area. According to gofundme website set up by a family member, when the truck was located, it was dented and damaged. The vehicle was turned over to the APD for processing. As of Monday afternoon, APD reported no suspects and the investigation is ongoing.

The gofundme website reports that as of Monday afternoon, almost $2,700 had been contributed to help replace the stolen equipment Lattis used for a part-time mowing business he operated in his spare time.

APD continues to get multiple reports of thefts and burglaries and drivers are asked not to make their vehicles enticing to thieves. Motorists should lock their vehicles, and be cautious of surroundings when parking.

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