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The Eustace Independent School District Board of Trustees held its regular monthly meeting Tuesday in the Eustace High School Library.

Several reports and agenda items were considered by the board, and all were passed or approved. Board Secretary Ashley McKee was absent.

The board was presented with the superintendent's reports on revenue, expenditures, payroll and taxes.

“Everything is pretty good,” said Eustace ISD Superintendent Coy Holcombe. “For the month of June, we collected $98,000 in delinquent taxes.”

In reviewing the district’s expenditure reports, all expenses were regular line items for the board’s review.

Holcombe pointed out several items of notable mention. The basketball teams' jerseys were replaced after eight years, and Holcombe recommended not waiting so long to replace them in the future.

The district has also purchased new pole-vault poles.

“We have a lot of participation in the sport, especially with the girls, and they are a very competitive team,” Holcombe said.

The current preliminary budget for the 2014-2015 school year shows the district $55,000 over budget, but Holcombe said that, “by August, when it comes time to approve the year’s budget, we'll be balanced.”

Last year, the district had a surplus, earning $132,565 more than they budgeted. 

The board passed a $1.04 Maintenance and Operations tax rate, and a $0.22 Interest and Sinking Fund tax rate for the 2014-2015 school year.

Student accident insurance for a $15,905 premium was also passed by the board. 

Holcombe presented to the board a report on drop-out rates for the school year. In grades seventh through twelfth, the district had no dropouts.

The district's code of conduct, which must be formally adopted every year, and the student handbook, which must be reviewed every year, were both approved. The only major changes to the student handbook were senior graduation requirements.

Holcombe presented to the board a major issue with 1,300 feet of duct work and 56 new grilles for the middle school, high school auditorium and high school band hall.

A bid from AC Cole for $22,825 was presented, because a previous proposal to the board had only alloted $1,000 to get the work done. In total,  the $26,135 needed to complete the work was passed.

Regular Eustace ISD board meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month, and the public is encouraged to attend.

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