The Texas Demographic Center released January 2018 population estimates this month show single- digit gains for Henderson County and the city of Athens since the beginning of the decade.

Athens' population increased by 6.2 percent during the period from the last U.S. Census in 2010 to the most recent projections. Henderson County grew by 5.8 percent.

According to the center, their estimates differ from those from other sources, such as those periodically produced by the U.S. Census Bureau, and were made using techniques that are different than those of the Census Bureau and they also use newer data.

According to the report, Athens had a population of 12,710 in the 2010 census. That had grown to 13,424 residents by July 2017. In January 2018, the number had reached 13,499. The change from 2010 was 6.2 percent.

Gun Barrel City was one of the fasting growing cities in the county. The county's second-largest municipality had a population of 5,672 in 2010, which increased by 9.5 percent to 6,211 in 2018.

With spillover from Smith County a factor, Chandler grew by 13.9 percent during the period. The population in the 2018 census was 2,734. By 2018, the population had reached an estimated 3,115.

The report shows Brownsboro with a small change, from 1,039 in the last census to an estimated 1,077 in January 2018.

Caney City had a small growth in residents from 217 to 233. Meanwhile, Cross Roads has grown by 23.6 percent during the decade, from 1,563 to 1,932.

The population of Eustace changed little during the period, from 991 to 997. The same was true in Malakoff, where the population increased by only 44 residents to 2,378.

Tool and Trinidad had a small decreases in population. Tool began the decade with 2,240 but slipped 2,220 in 2018. For Trinidad, the decrease was from 886 to 875.

Henderson County's population in 2010 was 78,532. The number was 82,685 by July 2017 and 83,053 in January 2018.

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