Cities and school districts are crunching the numbers before bringing their budgets and property tax rates to a vote over the next few weeks.

The entities will be posting notices in the Athens Review or other media outlets of their proposed rates as well as a comparison with last year's rate.

 The notices will also inform the taxpayers of any proposed increase in the budget and compare this year's proposed levy with last year.

For example, the notice from LaPoynor ISD in the Friday edition of the Review announced a public meeting for 6:45 p.m. on August 15 to discuss the budget and tax rate. The announcement states the average market value of homes in the district increased from $95,062 to $104,523, so if the board adopts the same tax rate it will result in an increase in revenue to fund the budget.

The proposed maintenance and operations tax rate is .970000, down from 1.04000 a year ago. The proposed rate is equal to the amount needed to maintain the same level of maintenance and operations as  last year.

The Athens Independent School District currently has a total rate of 1.436470, which has been in effect for the past three years. The district has a tax rate hearing planned for 6 p.m. August 26. The proposed maintenance and operations rate is .97000. The district cannot adopt a rate higher than the proposed rate. The total rate, combining maintenance and operations and debt service is 1.36909.

For the past five years, Henderson County has maintained a tax rate of .477984. The county has kept the rate despite upgrading roofs and air conditioning at some of the facilities and voting to purchase a $4.5 million radio system.

"We've been blessed," County Judge Wade McKinney said of the county's ability to keep the same rate while fulfilling all of the functions of the government.

The current rate for the City of Athens is .685221. That's what it's been since 2015, when it was 645140.

The rate for Athens Municipal Water Authority is .119729. It has been at that number since it was lowered from .122173 in 2014.

The Executive Director at the time. Wylie Pirkle, said of the decrease “I really feel like it’s time to pay back, and I really feel like we’re in a position to do that, with the city picking up some of the expenses that we’ve been paying."

Other tax rates currently in effect are:

• Brownsboro – .956041

• Brownsboro ISD – 1.436470

• Caney City – .250000

• Chandler – .599714

• Cross Roads ISD – 1.310400

• Eustace – .384401

• Eustace ISD – 1.220000

• LaPoynor ISD – 1.363999

• Log Cabin – .330783

• Malakoff – .560000

• Malakoff ISD – 1.200000

• Murchison ISD – 1.040000

• Star Harbor – .250000

• Tool – .490160

• Trinidad – .487872

• Trinidad ISD – 1.420000

• Trinity Valley Community College – .138540

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