Digie Hamilton’s $12,000 light bill problem has been resolved, but how Ecconergy arrived at the sky high charge is still a mystery. At least no one has explained it to Hamilton.

“Ecconergy said they were wiping the bill off their records,” the Trinidad man said Monday.

Hamilton received the statement last week for the 30-day period that ended October 12. After calls to the company to lower the charge failed, he went to the media for help.

“I’ve been in the hospital four times in the past year and I didn’t need this kind of stress.” Hamilton said. “I’m just glad I don’t have the bill to worry about anymore. Those big companies can afford some high-priced attorneys.”

Hamilton added that the meter removed from the light pole at his burned out Tatum Street residence has been replaced. Last week the wires were cut and the guts missing.

— Rich Flowers

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