GUN BARREL CITY — Where does East Cedar Creek Fresh Water Supply District board member Ken Landers live?

The house on Hickory Creek Circle, listed as his address, is up for sale and appears to be vacant.

ECCFWSD Board President Dave Burch said he believed, according to the ECCFWSD guidelines, a board member must live within the water service district.

Burch explained at the board’s last meeting, which Landers did not attend, all board members were asked for their current addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers to update the files.

Since Landers did not attend, a letter asking him for his address was not sent out until Dec. 28, according to Bill Goheen, ECCFWSD general manager.

“He may not have had time to receive it because of the holidays and if he has, he couldn’t have had time to reply. We did send it requesting to be notified if it is sent to a forwarding address,” Goheen said.

Landers does have an office, Landers Development L.P,. on Harbor Point Road.

Landers said in a telephone interview last week he still occupies the house on Hickory Creek Circle.

“I own four houses and I spend time at all of them,” he said. “I still have furniture there [at the house on Hickory Creek Circle].”

When asked if he was going to resign from the board, Landers replied, “No, I have no intention of doing that. I will continue to contribute as a board member. I was elected by the people and I will represent them.”

Landers said he does not vote on anything that could be a conflict of interest and recuses himself every time there is a possible conflict.

“(Landers) always files a conflict of interest form and he steps down from the board when there is a conflict of interest,” Goheen said.

The by-laws of the ECCFWSD sent to The Cedar Creek Pilot by Goheen stated, “The directors of the district shall be seven in number, all of whom shall be property owners and residents of ... the East Cedar Creek Fresh Water Supply District in Henderson County, Texas.”

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