The Henderson County Commissioners Court Tuesday approved re-sending some voter registration cards to a portion of voting precincts 4 and 4A.

The cards are for a section of the county where the boundary was changed during the redistricting process. County Election Administrator Denise Hernandez said the re-print will affect 64 voters.

In August, Commissioners voted to realign the two election precinct boundaries in Athens, and designate a consolidated polling place to correct a mistake made during the redistricting process of 2011, when the Precinct 4A voting box was placed at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, and the Precinct 4 box was moved from Cain Center to the ROC.

The ROC box is much more convenient to many of the 4A voters who did not like having to drive all the way to the Anglican Church on election day.

Precinct 4 Commissioner Ken Geeslin said any voters in Precincts 4 and 4A who come to the polls on election day with an incorrect number will not have to travel far to cast their ballots, since both boxes will be located in the Athens First Baptist Church Recreation Outreach Center.

Hernandez said early balloting would not be affected at all by the change.

The court extended the burn ban by another 14 days, after hearing a report from Fire Marshal David Furrh. Furrh said the west end of the county remains extremely dry, with a Keetch-Byrum Index reading of more than 700, putting it in the driest section of the 800-point scale.

A patch of eastern Henderson County, where there has been abundant rain drives the overall county average to 659. That’s still well above the 575 threshold for a burn ban.

Although a portion of eastern Henderson County is below the 575 reading, Geeslin and Precinct 3 Commissioner Ronny Lawrence acknowledged that the western part of their precincts was also extremely dry.

Commissioners also voted to:

• conduct a public hearing on the County Clerk’s Archive 2013 Policy, on Sept. 18, beginning at 9:40 a.m.;

• conduct a public hearing on the Distrtict Clerk’s Archive 2013 Policy, on Sept.18, beginning at 9:40 a.m.; and

• authorize payment of bills in the amount of $221,086.75.

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