You tell people and you tell them, don't touch the wet paint.

They've got to touch it.

You tell people not to touch the boiling water.

They touch it.

And you tell people, to stay back  from a chained pit bull in the Walmart parking lot.        

The owner issue a cautionary warning.

So naturally a Walmart employee decides to pet the little poocher, anyway.

He gets bit.

The employee was not seriously hurt, but made an appointment to come by the police station after he got off  work to file a dog-bite report.


Help, I've fallen, and I can't get up.

Police actually got one of those 911 calls last Friday, you know, “I've fallen and I can't get up” distress calls.

Only the  man on Rierson Street used a cell phone instead of Life Alert.

 The patient couldn't get to the door after the fall.

The Athens Fire Department arrived shortly  thereafter to assist the fallen victim.

Woman accuses man of  stealing

her phone.

 Good things this woman didn't fall and need help getting up, too.

 Cassandra  Jackson,23,   of 714 Jonathan St. told police  that a male acquaintance  stole her $329 cell phone.

She identified the man who allegedly did the stealing, but his name is being witheld until, or if, charges are filed.

Patrol Officer Carlow Wilson was the officer who answered the call. Police want a word with this man accused to stealing the phone.

In other Athens Police Department action over the weekend:

  • Reese Gill reported an intoxicated man  getting in and out of a PT Cruiser in front of Brookshire's and harassing customers. No action at this time has been taken.

 • A man was arrested for DWI in downtown Athens last Saturday and taken into custody.


• Neil Velvin was issued a citation by APD Patrol Officer Chris Saylors, after being accused by Jim Nelms Jr. of assault.

 • Patrol officer, Corporal Jason Bosher was called to the Walmart parking lot to see about a puppy which had been left inside a pick up with the windows down, and another dog in the back of the pickup was  inside a cage. The temperature was approximately 100 degrees at the time.


   • Elizabeth Zuniga  reported to police that she had lost her wallet outside a home at 803. W.  Larkin. It had a paycheck  from Athens Park Homes and her food-stamp card and about $30 in cash.


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