Sheriff Ray Nutt has announced that the Henderson County Sheriff’s office has received a shipment of National Child Identification Program kits.

Nutt’s affiliation with the Sheriff’s Association of Texas has brought this tool to the Henderson County citizens.

A National Child Identification Program ID kit, with its unique design, makes it ideal for parents or guardians to fill out the information card and complete the “inkless” fingerprint section. Also provided in the kit are two sterile swabs for DNA collection (as easy as rubbing on the inside of a child’s cheek).

Texas has the largest national distribution of the child ID Kits. The sheriff’s office will focus distribution on children older than kindergarten because they will receive theirs through the schools. No parent will be turned away if they would like a kit for their child.

For more information on the Child ID Kits, contact Jannell Dunnington of the Henderson County Sheriff’s office.

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