Athens Police, responding to a Tuesday morning burglary, arrested a suspect in connection with that break-in and another man wanted for probation revocation in another state.

APD Lt. Bill Gurley said that at 1:32 a.m. dispatch received a call from Bruce Hinds, who told police someone had broken into his residence on Richardson Road. Officer James Graham responded to the call and spoke with Hind’s son Dashiel, who lives in a garage apartment next to the residence. Dashiel said he had been awakened by someone shining a flashlight. The son told police he got out of bed and saw the the intruder as he fled in the direction of the old hospital.

Dashiel contacted his father and the two ran to to Bruce’s work truck and followed the suspect. When they reached the truck, Hinds saw his power tools had been stacked on the ground beside the vehicle. The two were not able to locate the suspect, and returned to the residence, Gurley said.

Dashiel told police the burglar had dark hair and was wearing a dark shirt and pants with a strip down the side of the leg.

Gurley said Officers Jason Bosher and Jason McIntire were sent to search the area. The officers saw a man matching the description of the burglary suspect with two other men in the parking lot of the Cardinal Apartments. Police detained Jeffery Allen Porter, 25, who was later positively identified by Dashiel as the man he had seen at the Richardson Road residence.

Porter was booked into the Henderson County Jail and charged with burglary of a habitation, burglary of a vehicle and criminal mischieffrom $50 to $500. The criminal mischief charge was the result of damage to Hind’s truck caused by the thief breaking into the tool box, Gurley said.

Police also ran the identification of the other two men into the National Crime Information Center. One of the men, Robert Michael Nolte, 24, was discovered to be wanted on a U.S. Marshall’s Federal Warrant from Arlington, Va. According the APD reports, Nolte had been on probation there in connection with a bank robbery charge. Nolte was booked into the jail, where he remained Tuesday afternoon.


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