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Few like the pressure of a deadline, especially when dealing with Mother Nature and unpredictable weather.

The City of Brownsboro received only one bid for its street-repair project, which was retracted once the bidder was notified of the single bid.

City officials believe the reasoning behind the single bid is due to the deadline placed on the project during the May council meeting. As a result, the city council voted to remove the deadline of Aug. 25 for the completion of the project during its June regularly-scheduled meeting last week.

Brownsboro officials approved plans and specifications for base bids for the intersection of Saylors and Ingram Street in May.

Once the contract is amended, and new bids are received, they will be opened by the engineer on July 8, before the council gives approval during its July 10 regularly-scheduled meeting.

After a bid is approved, work should begin within 30 days.

It was estimated that work on the intersection would start the week of July 7, but with the setback, work may not begin until late July or early August.

Part of the roadway is likely to be curbed and guttered, while the intersection will be constructed out of concrete to withstand the amount of traffic.

Officials have indicated they would like at least two bids on the project, but want to do what is best for the city whatever the outcome.

“We want the contractor, whoever it is, to do a good job, whether it takes them 100 days or 50 days,” Councilman Josh Fulgham said.

In other action, council approved the 2014-15 city budget, as well as the 2014-15 economic-development budget.

The city general-fund budget increased from $516,391 to $540,410, while the water and sewer budget dropped from $301,570 to $294,000.

Brownsboro's fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30, 2015.

A total of $201,051 is appropriated out of the general-obligation fund for the purpose of paying principal and interest on general obligation and revenue bonds.

The EDC budget is set at $37,500, with $20,000 set for business development. A total balance of $216,936 is reported as available EDC funds.

Council also approved a Texas Municipal League interlocal agreement for insurance purposes, and a request for service from Henderson County Precinct 3 to take down trees on Moss and Willow Street at no cost to the city.


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