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At top is shown the Brookshire’s store before the remodeling, and below that is the proposed remodeling project.

The expansion of the Brookshires' Grocery Store in Chandler is heading to the city council after planning and zoning approved a final plat and site plan Tuesday.

Chandler City Council is expected to vote on the store expansion during its regularly-scheduled meeting Tuesday, Jan. 13 at city hall.

The final plat is for two lots on 6.091 acres located north of State Highway 31. The two lots need to be created to expand the existing grocery store and to construct a new gas station.

A .433-acre tract of land located along Kidd Drive is being acquired by Brookshire's to be used as part of this development. It will be platted as part of lot one in the proposed plan. Lot two is the gas station.

The tract on Kidd Drive was the subject of vast discussion during Tuesday's planning and zoning meeting.

Several members of the board voiced concern over the additional traffic that is likely to access the grocery store off Kidd Drive.

“I am not opposed to the entrance on Kidd Drive but some of the feedback I have received from people in the community concerns me,” Felix Exelbierd said. “Walnut Street is probably a mile from the store and you are going to have everything off FM 315 north and west come down Walnut Street to go to the grocery store. I feel like the city needs to address the width of Walnut Street so it can handle traffic as a before situation, not an after situation.”

Brookshire's officials said the access point off Kidd Drive would mainly be used for employees but it would allow safer and easier flow into the store.

“It is going to be primarily an employee parking lot. Because we are giving up some parking spaces on the original plan because of Saw Mill Road, we had to provide additional parking to meet customer demand,” Brookshire's Vice President of Real Estate John Broderhausen said. “It gives people who are using this parking lot another way to get in and out. It is a safety issue more than anything else. The people who live back behind there, we felt like could use the entrance to get into the store without having to get out on Highway 31 which is another safety issue.”

Walnut Street runs through a residential neighborhood, while narrow, it was designed for two lanes of traffic.

Brookshire's is planning to donate .345 acres of land to use as the right-of-way for the extension of Saw Mill Road. The proposed road will result in 60 feet of right-of-way, as called for in the adopted master thoroughfare plan.

The Chandler Economic Development Corporation will be responsible for the construction of a sidewalk on the east side of Saw Mill Road.

Located at 703 State Highway 31 East, the existing 29,990 square-foot grocery store is projected to receive a massive make-over, similar to what was done in Athens and Flint.

A 10,315 square foot expansion was presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission, which will result in a 40,305 square-foot store.

With the added lot on Kidd Drive, 233 parking spaces are proposed.

After more than 45 minutes of discussion, planning and zoning approved the plat and final site plan with several contingencies.

Rick Ford made the motion to approve the site plan contingent on the entrance off of Kidd Drive not be opened until a C/O is issued for the store; a sidewalk be placed near Highway 31 if approved by the engineer and the Texas Department of Transportation; proper landscaping that includes crepe myrtles every 60 feet; and the design for the gas station kiosk be presented before the city council meeting.

If approved by the city council,  Broderhausen said the company would like to start the project in February. With a project of this size,  Broderhausen said it could take nine months to complete.

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