The Athens Police Department may be nearing an arrest in connection with a knife attack that seriously injured a Henderson County man.

On Sept. 9, Leidon Ray Bement appeared at APD shortly after midnight, and reported that he had been stabbed while in his vehicle on Williams Street.

Bement sustained cuts on his arms that he told police were inflicted by an unknown man who had jumped into his truck.

APD Detective Sgt. Don Yarbrough said Bement was taken to East Texas Medical Center Athens after the attack, and transported to Parkland Hospital in Dallas where he underwent an 8-hour surgery the following day.

Bement was released,  and is undergoing therapy on his injured arms. It could be months before doctors know whether he’ll regain the use of his damaged left arm. 

“I was in surgery with six surgeons putting my left arm back together,” Bement said. “They had to repair basically everything, the tendons the muscles and the arteries.”

A slash across his right hand and knuckles also cut tendons and required repair.

As Bement recuperates, APD is closing in on his attacker.

“We believe we know who did it, and are looking for him,” Yarbrough said. “There will more than likely be an arrest warrant put out for him in the next day or two.”

Bement believes, the assailant thought he was someone else.

“I stopped to ask for directions from a guy, and he stabbed me, and jumped into the back of my truck,” Bement said. “He road in the back of my truck stabbing at me. I had to lean over to the passenger side to stay away from him. There were several stabs into my seat.”

  Bement said he immediatly started driving toward the Athens Police Deparment headquarters. When he was about a block from the building the assailant jumped out.

“I don’t believe they knew each other,” Yarbrough said. “The suspect thought that he knew him, and that something had occured between them eariler in the week. I don’t know if it was a mistaken identity or what.”

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